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The all about improving the real estate process. It is an exclusive group of creative professionals whose intentions are to help make real estate, purchase assets that create wealth, and home ownership easily reached through technological know-how.
The Vision of REB is committed to augmenting the real estate and home ownership development and experience via technical tools.
Our Mission is to build a bridge for the creative professionals who are accomplishing great strides in our line of business, simplify tasks and processes to develop and implement growth opportunities within and between organizations, as well as the exchange of information within the community, give planned creative originality advice, and operate as a support network of congruent real estate experts and influencers.
The focus of the community is to sift through and present the largely extraordinary and distinct membership of the real estate creative professionals, go-getters, and producers on the planet. Also, the Geek Estate wants to make our partners extremely successful in their careers creating real estate goods as well as businesses.
Founders and Executives
As a member of our group, founders and executives will gain access to a group of advisors, thoughtful product information, and shareholders.

In our community, as a broker, you’ll have access to innovative technology, be able to connect with prominent suppliers, specialists, and creators in the industry. In addition, you can form connections with other agents who are tech wise and have some of the same thought processes as you on digital marketing and business building.

Consultants and Influencers 
There are plenty of business development opportunities for consultants and influencers that allows you to stay abreast of real estate technology trends and valuable industry exchange of ideas without interference from trolls or distracting noise.
REB is looking for 100 founding members to assist us in shaping the impending path of the group. For a limited time only, the first 100 founding members will have lifetime membership access at an extremely reduced price. The second 100 founding members are being offered a similar low-priced membership fee, but not as low as the first group. Once the 100 founders are chosen, any new member outside that number will pay the regular price of $99 (billed every three months).
As of today, the founding members group has signed on 100 members and more than half have paid their membership fee. The clock is ticking on discounted pricing…first come, first serve. When 100 slots are filled, the next pricing tier is automatically started.
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